Scarf white and black diamonds, collection: Lana de Alpaca

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Scarf white and black diamonds


Lana de Alpaca collection consists of the highest quality products manufactured using traditional techniques. The raw material is obtained in a non-invasive way by shearing healthy and strong alpacas every year. Alpaca fibre is an unprocessed fibre, which means that it has not been chemically treated before dyeing and the dyeing process itself is based on natural ingredients. All this makes us receive an environmentally friendly product. When buying it, we choose an ecological product, while supporting the indigenous Andean people involved in breeding alpacas.

Unique geometric pattern, subdued, perfectly selected colours.
Thanks to alpaca wool, the scarf is characterized by thermal insulation properties, warms much better than sheep wool. We do not overheat thanks to its breathable properties. In addition, the scarf does not absorb moisture easily.
Alpaca wool, thanks to the low content of lanolin (animal wax) limiting the development of mites, is a hypoallergenic product recommended for allergy sufferers.
Alpaca fleece is strong and resistant to damage, so choosing products made of this fibre, we are sure that they will serve us for years.

Perfect for autumn and winter days.
A great addition to our creation.

Made in Peru.
100% ecological product

Dimensions: 55 x 150 cm
Colour: white and black
Dominant pattern: diamonds
Product code: 421009
Series: Lana de Alpaca

30% alpaca wool
60% wool
10% acrylic

The colors of the product may have a slight difference in the exposed photos


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White and black
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